Identity and Access Management:

The manager of ID compliance Connet offers a full spectrum of Identity Management (IDM) provisioning, administration, ongoing maintenance, and real-time monitoring. The process begins with a consulting engagement to define policies and user roles and access permissions, continues with deployment of the most appropriate technology for the customer, and maintains vigilant policy enforcement via ongoing incident detection and response.

The ability to control access to networks, applications and data by users and devices is central to data security, compliance and risk management. While at the same time organizations need to map these requirements to their own business practices, approval structures and internal security classifications.

Provisor is a complete user management and provisioning system that enables organizations to automate and manage all activities associated with adding, maintaining and removing digital identities, credentials and their entitlements. It provides centralized security management of policies and access privileges to critical applications, data and resources across the enterprise, reducing risk and simplifying regulatory compliance through comprehensive audit reporting.

We offers a wide range of consultation services to help implement enterprise Identity Management (IDM) strategies from start to finish. Connet can help an organization to automate complex user management processes and to achieve:
♣ Unified and centralized view of all user credentials
♣ Automatic provisioning/ de-provisioning of users in multiple applications, platforms and network
♣ Delegated administration
♣ User Self Service
♣ Improved enterprise security
♣ Reduced Help Desk Costs
♣ Enhanced Productivity
♣ Connet provides end-to-end identity and access management solutions to Enterprises using its unique global solution delivery model.

Directory Services

Directory and messaging technologies are two essential building blocks that allow companies to manage identity and enable communications for millions of customers, suppliers and partners in the Net Economy.
SharpGurus can provide a range of Directory Server solutions dedicated to any of the applicable industry verticals like Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, and Telecom etc.


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